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Local Eats : Mas Tacos (East Nashville)

Ok, so it’s not December, but I was drinking horchata today. One thing I’ve decided for sure, it’s impossible to drink it now without thinking of Vampire Weekend and getting that catchy little tune of theirs playing in your head the whole time you’re enjoying your lunch, but that’s a discussion for a different day. What I’m concerned about instead is tacos and some of Nashville’s finest tacos come from East Nashville’s Mas Tacos. I don’t remember much Spanish, but I do remember that “mas” means “more” and it doesn’t matter what you order at Mas Tacos, you’ll always want to try just one more, which can be dangerous for your waistline and your wallet. Today I had a fried avocado taco and the tamales, which are relatively new on the menu. My friend had a pulled pork and a chicken taco. All get good grades for flavor and freshness. The fried avocado is a house favorite and for good reason. I’d never tasted fried avocado before, but the wedges of deep fried goodness have a nice crispy outside then melt in your mouth when you bite into them. The tamales at Mas Tacos get my vote of confidence for two reasons. One, they are substantial. Nothing gets me more upset than the dinky little appetizer sized tamales that you get at a lot of Mexican restaurants. The tamales here are meal sized tamales. The way they’re supposed to be. The second thing I like is the folks at Mas Tacos unwrapped my tamales for me. That’s not much, but what can I say, I’m easily impressed. In addition to the horchata, Mas Tacos has a couple of other aqua frescas on the menu, which are perfect for these hot summer days. If you want to check it out for yourself, Mas Tacos is at 732 McFerrin Ave in Nashville.

Do you have a local taco joint that you like? Let us know. Maybe we’ll stop there next.

  • 12 June 2013
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